If you haven't already learned about what wrapping is, please first read Wrapping and the 3 Tokens

You can wrap your tokens from sENCTR to gENCTR or vise-versa. To access this portion of the app, find the Wrap button on the left hand side of the drawer menu to the left of the app.

You should then be presented with this screen.

From here, you can see information such as:

  • sENCTR price and personal balance

  • gENCTR price and personal balance

You can now choose to WRAP (sENCTR to gENCTR) or UNWRAP (gENCTR to sENCTR)

If you choose WRAP

You will be able to enter in the amount you which to convert your tokens to. Similarly, you can do so with the UNWRAP option.

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