Revenue Sharing Model

One area of uniqueness of the ENCTR protocol, and one in how we merge DeFi and GameFi together is through our Revenue Sharing process.


Buying a Bond gives a user a discount to get ENCTR and adds stablecoin to the treasury.


% Fee from each betting pool


Purchasing a Battlepass (by purchasing it with ENCTR and staking it for a locked period of time)


Guild and Tournament Fees

Defi Protocols

Yield Farming


Why is this different from other protocols?

You are an owner of the protocol so you should earn revenue from what it generates. Our revenue will back the rewards. All the rewards we give out is real money that we got from people using the ENCTR ecosystem. No more money printed out of thin air!

Why should I buy ENCTR?

You get to earn rewards that the ecosystem generates as well as use all of our products/modules. Double WIN!

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