What is ENCTR?

Play what you want. Earn rewards. We aim to merge GameFi and DeFi protocols with unique utility.

ENCTR (pronounced Encounter) is a decentralized protocol that was created to give true utility and sustainable staking rewards through its innovative revenue-sharing model. With a focus and revenue streams in the GameFi space we consider this a merge between GameFi and DeFi.

What is the ENCTR token?

ENCTR's goal is to create a community centered currency that merges the unique aspects of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with the gaming industry. We believe Web3 is the future of gaming but we needed to create a logical and sustainable way so that we can fix the Play-To-Earn model to facilitate the transition of Web2 to Web3.

ENCTR specifically wants to:

  • Redefine Play-To-Earn in a sustainable way

  • Create a community-centric currency that is backed by stablecoins which anyone can utilize and build upon.

  • Reward both gamers and non-gamers alike due to the aligned incentives through our Revenue Sharing Model

  • Develop an ecosystem of applications that utilize the ENCTR token providing true utility and function.

Why does Web3 need ENCTR?

The current DeFi/GameFi models are not working as people expect them to work. Play-To-Earn is still in it's infancy and most projects that utilize this mechanic are not sustainable.

There is backlash and negative sentiment in people outside of the Web3 space with these models. The reason is because of the above mentioned.

ENCTR aims to facilitate the bridge between Web2 and Web3 users - specifically gamers. There is a major gap that needs to be crossed and ENCTR will help build that bridge by providing a token and utility that works and is useful.

How is the ENCTR protocol run?

ENCTR is run by the core team (currently 5) members who are fully doxxed as well as members of the ENCTR community. We consider this a DAO-like structure.

We chose this structure because we want to live in a space between Web2 and 3. Our aim is to bring users in from Web2 that do not have deep knowledge of crypto and adding in more barriers to entry is not want we want to do.

ENCTR's day-to-day decisions will be conducted by the core team and any MAJOR changes will always require a DAO vote to execute.

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