Bonds allow a user to purchase ENCTR at a discounted rate. There are two types of bonds, Single-Sided Bonds and Liquidity Pool Bonds. For the first one, you purchase a Bond with just a single stablecoin, for instance DAI. For the latter, you purchase a Liquidity Pool token (LP) from a decentralized exchange (DEX) and then offer that up for ENCTR tokens.

When you purchase a bond, they mature over a given rate of time, through a vesting schedule. This means until it is fully matured, you cannot do anything with your ENCTR. Your bond will automatically begin vesting as soon as you purchase it. From there, it will be shown in the My Bonds view.

To purchase a bond, open the menu drawer and click on the Bond button. From here you should be presented with a new view that displays My Bonds and Available Bonds

My Bonds

This is a section that displays all of the bonds that you currently own. Some bonds can still be vesting, and others can be fully vested. Once the bond is fully vested, you can choose to convert it to either sENCTR or gENCTR.

Available Bonds

This is the section where you can view all of the available bonds to purchase.

The ENCTR team will create bonds as needed. So be sure to check frequently to see if new bonds are available!

Purchasing a Bond

When you select a particular bond that you want, you may click on the Purchase button. Once you do that, you will be presented with a new screen. Here you can view important info such as:

  • The type of Bond

  • The Bond Price vs the Market Price (the price of ENCTR on a DEX)

  • The discount you get for purchasing the bond

  • Your balance in the token required for purchase

  • The amount and maximum you can get

  • How much you will receive and the vesting term (how long it takes for the bond to mature)

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