Staking your ENCTR allows you to earn rebase rewards through auto-compounding. By staking your ENCTR, you receive sENCTR (staked ENCTR) in return at a 1:1 ratio. After that, your sENCTR balance will increase automatically on every epoch based on the current APY.

Stake on ENCTR App

To get to the staking screen, enter the application and click on the Stake button on the left-hand side of the drawer menu. You should then be presented with this screen.

Here you can see important info such as:

  • Metrics

  • Choose either Stake or Unstake your tokens

  • Your ENCTR token balances

  • An input area to add how much you want to Stake/Unstake

  • Your choice to receive as sENCTR or gENCTR.

If you don't already have ENCTR, go to the Bondingsection first to get some ENCTR

Now that you have ENCTR in your wallet, you can Stake or Unstake your tokens.

  1. Choose either Stake or Unstake

  2. Verify you have the proper balances

  3. Enter in an amount

  4. Select sENCTR or gENCTR

  5. Confirm

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